Why Is My Cat Acting Crazy? (What to Do)

Cats may generally act out of line. However, a sudden and persistent odd behavior may indicate a severe illness or health issue. Moreover, cats are pretty good at hiding their sickness. Therefore, t’s always essential for you to keep an eye on your pet’s behavior and consult a vet as soon as possible if you observe something serious.

Keeping all this in mind, we shall discuss the most common reasons for your cat acting weird. It may include both medical and non-medical reasons. So, you don’t need to worry at all now. Instead, continue reading to learn what to do whenever you feel slight changes in your cat’s behavior, especially when indicating some obvious warning signs.

Why Is My Cat Acting Crazy

Signs indicating your cat acting strange

Below are a few of the most important signs that may help you figure out your cat is acting weird or strange. These signs will also help you recognize the reasons behind the sudden change in your cat’s behavior.

1. Your cat hiding most of the time

There are many assumptions behind the sudden hiding of your cat. The most important include that your cat may feel safe hiding away from anyone. Due to the illness, it may feel secure from predators. Moreover, it needs some rest and wants to sleep, so it prefers to be left alone.

Therefore, if you notice poor diet, laziness, along hiding your cat most of the time, visit a vet as soon as possible.

2. Sudden increase in appetite

A sudden increase in appetite such that increased consumption of food and water may indicate underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and inflammatory bowel diseases. All these conditions are pretty severe and need medical attention.

3. Sudden decrease in appetite

A sudden drop in drinking or eating indicates pretty severe health issues. It may vary from some infections to cancer. Therefore, if you observe such behavior for almost 24 hours, head to the vet at the earliest possible and get a complete checkup to rule out serious health problems.

4. Sudden change in the appearance of your cat

Sudden appearance changes such as increased shedding of the hair may indicate some health problems such as allergies or hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is a medical condition in which there’s excessive production of thyroid hormone, which results in both behavioral and systemic changes in your cat’s body. Therefore, consulting a vet is the essential option for you.

5. Your cat being very vocal

If you have a quiet cat and it suddenly meows at you that too in a different voice, then it may indicate that your cat is ill and needs some medical attention. As you know, meowing is the usual way of communicating between you and your kitty. However, if they have become more vocal, it shows that it wants to tell you that it’s feeling pretty low and sick lately.

6. Bad breath in your cat

Bad breath may be the most vital sign of dental illness in your cat and a pure call for a dental appointment. It needs urgent treatment as it may lead to serious health problems, including heart, liver, and kidney.

Moreover, some health issues like diabetes may also show a change in your cat’s breath, such as a sweet smell along with increased intake of water and urination. Also, an ammonia-like smell may direct kidney issues.

7. Irritable behavior in your cat

Suppose your sweet kitty seems irritable suddenly with no apparent environmental causes. In that case, it may be a sign of pain or illness in it. So, whenever you pat at it, it may show aggressive behavior and may hurt you too. Therefore, if you notice persistent irritable and aggressive behavior in your cat, see a vet.

8. Your cat being lazy

Your cat may feel super lazy and doesn’t feel like playing may sound normal. However, if this goes for an extended period, then it may direct towards something serious. Sudden stress or illness may be the cause behind it, so feel free to see a vet if you notice such behavior.

9. Change in bathroom habits

Litter box training is the initial step when you adopt a cat. However, if suddenly your cat acts weirdly and doesn’t use the litter box, it may be annoying for you. Similarly, it may indicate some serious underlying cause as well. For example, your cat may be in pain or may seem lost or confused. Therefore, consulting a vet is essential in such a case too.

10. Sudden change in pee and poop of your cat

Sudden change in poop and pee of your cat such that smell, color, frequency, or volume may direct towards some illness. It may point towards lower urinary tract infections, diabetes, and much more. So, do tell your vet if you notice such a change in your cat’s waste.

Why is my cat acting weird?

Let’s now discuss the causes that may lead your cat to act weirdly, crazy, or strangely.

1. Your cat may be stressed up

Just like humans, cats may be stressed up too. For example, suppose there’s a sudden change in your cat’s life, such as environmental or seasonal. In that case, it may heighten up your kitty’s stress level. These changes include moving to a new place, too much noise in the surroundings, changes in weather conditions, or adding a new pet or your baby to the family.

So, whenever you feel stress is the cause behind your cat acting strange, comfort your kitty up in the best way possible and make it feel that you’re always there for it.

2. Your cat may be depressed

Signs such as laziness, irritability, or excessive hissing may show that your kitty is depressed. This may happen due to change in the environment, feeling left alone, or death in the surrounding.

So, if you ever notice your cat is depressed, try to cheer it up by showing love and affection. Moreover, you may also take it outside to bring some change to the environment.

3. Your cat may be sick

The most important cause behind your cat acting crazy or weird may be some underlying health issues. These may vary from minor infections to severe cancers. So, whenever you notice significant physical discomfort or change in your cat’s behavior, feel free to visit your vet. Then, have a proper checkup of your kitty and try to comfort your cat simultaneously.

What to do when your cat is acting weird?

The first and most crucial step is to comfort your cat up whenever you see a sudden change in your cat’s behavior. Next, try to create a stress-free atmosphere for it so let it relax and have some rest. Moreover, you need to provide them with some good quality food, especially if it’s feeling low or disturbed.

In addition, if your cat is stressed, get a scratching pad for it to help it recover. Also, playing with your cat may help you ease its depression. However, if your cat’s behavior indicates some underlying medical condition, take it to the vet at the earliest hour without any hesitation.

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Cats are naturally weird in some way or other. However, sudden changes in their behavior may direct towards some underlying medical or behavioral causes which require our attention.

Therefore, if you ever notice your cat acting weird or strange, try to find the cause behind it. If you think it’s some environmental cause, comfort your cat and help them in the best way possible. However, if it seems some medical condition, make an appointment with the vet as soon as possible.

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