What Is Cat Boarding?

what is cat boarding

Mostly, whenever people think about petting a beautiful and intelligent animal, cats always manage to top the list. It may seem that cats are small pets, so that they might be easily manageable. However, that is not true! Every pet requires equal attention, love, care, and time investment. Therefore, you have to prove yourself as an incredibly responsible cat owner when you adopt a cat.

Undoubtedly, love and affection towards your cat come from within; it is a feeling and responsibility nobody else can dictate to you. We believe that you would never want to leave your cute little fellow alone. However, on the same side, you cannot miss ample opportunities in your life, be it a job or anything. Therefore, there may come a time when you have to leave your cat for a while alone at home.

Are you stuck in a situation where you have to think about cat boarding? Fear not! This article will provide valuable information regarding cat boarding, its types, cost, consequences, and if it is worth it. So, let’s get started!

What is cat boarding?

Cat boarding is very much similar to kids’ daycare facilities. Many parents leave their children to daycare services where people other than legal guardians take good care of the children. However, the parents pay the caretakers for their humble services. Similarly, cat boarding means that you can leave your cat at the day boarding facility where responsible people will look after your pet.

If you have to travel for a vacation or business trip to the other side of the world, taking your cat along would not be ideal since cats do not admire traveling. In addition, cats as pets are moody animals. They do not like to alter their routines, and you must not impose it as well. Therefore, for the duration you plan to stay away from your home, you may think about leaving your cat at a boarding facility.

Additionally, many people opt for boarding and not cat sitters at home, the availability of medical facilities at any cat boarding facility. The employment of well-trained staff at boarding facilities makes sure that your cat stays healthy and happy.

Types of cat boarding

There are different options of cat boarding with variable costs and facilities, which we will enlist below. Let’s have a look at types of cat boarding;

1. Cattery or kennel

You may or may not be familiar with the words Cattery or Kennels, which are daycare facilities for cats or both cats and dogs, respectively. However, it is only who can decide whether your cat would like to stay among the feline population only or with canines as well. Many cats truly dislike when dogs are around, and the consequences can be unbearable.

Whether a cattery or kennel, each facility center must provide your pets with regular meals, clean food/water bowls (separately), neat litter boxes, and spacious cages to sleep. However, the luxuries may increase for your cat with the increment of cost!

2. Hire a cat sitter at home

If you are not comfortable about leaving your cat at a boarding facility, you may need to hire a cat sitter who will stay at your home with your cat when you are away. Besides, if you tried admitting your cat to boarding and did not like the place at all, you may know what your cat wants! It demands hiring a cat sitter who will look after it like you.

Depending on how much you pay to the cat sitter, they may stop by your home many times a day to check up on your pet, or they may stay for a few days. The primary duties of a cat sitter must include filling up the water and food bowls and clean them before filling. Plus, they must clean the litter boxes of your cat as per your instructions.

Furthermore, they should take your cat outside for evening walks and play with them while staying home. Besides, it would be best if they provide your cat with treats after it has woken up, finished meals, or urinated inside the litter box.

3. Cat hotels

If your cat is uncomfortable being held in a kennel or cattery, maybe it needs a cat hotel. However, as mentioned earlier, luxuries for your cat depending on how much you are willing to pay. Kennels and catteries can provide your cat with necessities to spend their days while you are not around.

However, these places are costly compared to hotels where humans stay when it comes to cat hotels. Nevertheless, they provide your cat with the perfect accommodation and extraordinary services that your pet may not enjoy even at home with you.

While staying at a cat hotel, your cat would be able to enjoy deluxe beds, aquariums to mesmerize them, televisions, substantial play areas, and much more.

4. Veterinarian hospital

If you are aware that your cat has some disease that needs to be looked after all the time, you may leave your cat at a vet hospital. However, you must understand that some vet hospitals provide boarding facilities. Therefore, if your cat has a sudden medical condition while staying at a hospital’s boarding facility, the trained medical staff would be ready to serve your pet.

5. Resorts for cats

As mentioned earlier, cat hotels make sure that they provide your kitty with the best services. However, if you want to upgrade it, you may want to leave your cat at a cat resort. Though these cat resorts are extremely heavy on your pocket, they are worth the money if you can happily afford them!

They have the most luxurious lifestyle to provide to your cat while you are away. Besides, as a cat owner, you would be peaceful in a different town or country, that your car behind is safe and happy!

How much does it cost to board a cat?

We cannot estimate the exact costs of cat boarding since the charges vary from country to country, facility to facility, and area to area. Besides, some cat owners may want the boarding center to add extra facilities for their cats, which would alter the preliminary charges.

However, we can provide you with approximated prices for various cat boarding options mentioned above. If you are thinking about leaving your cat at a cattery or kennel, it would cost you around 15$-20$ per night. However, the prices still vary depending on what kennel or cattery you have chosen and their location.

When it comes to hiring a cat sitter, it may cost you 15$-40$ per day. Besides, each cat sitter may charge as per their demand and desire. If they are highly professional and have experience with cats, they would not mind charging more than 40$ per day. Besides, it would help if you kept in mind that highly qualified cat sitters charge extra for overnight stays.

As mentioned earlier, cat hotels are expensive, and their cost depends on their location and the facilities they are willing to provide. They may charge less if you tell them to keep your cat in shared rooms or charge extra fees when you want to have a separate space for your kitty. Overall, the initial amount can be around 40$ and moves up!

If you plan to select a vet hospital for your cat boarding, you may need to spend a lot of money, like an amount higher than 40$, because medical staff charges a lot for their services. Similarly, the feline resorts can make you pay hefty amounts as well.

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In conclusion

Without any doubt, leaving your cat behind at home while you have to stay at some other place is a tough decision. However, you must not worry about cat boarding at all! In this article, we have tried our best to enlist what options are available for cat boarding and their costs. Hopefully, it will prove helpful!


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