[7 Easy Hacks] – How to Train a Cat to Use the Litter Box

Training your kitten to use a litter box is pretty essential for both hygienic and sanitary purposes. Most adult cats don’t require any training as they adapt naturally to dump their waste under sand or mud. However, the kittens need proper setup and coaching sessions to help them develop a habit to litter in a litter box.

Considering all this, we shall discuss how to train a kitten to use a litter box along with the supplies you’ll need to develop a proper setup and arrangement for your kitty. Also, we shall talk about when to start litter box training for your kitten for better understanding and guide. So, follow this article to learn all about litter box training in no time.

how to train a cat to use the litter box

Supplies required for litter box setup

Below are the supplies you need to set up a good litter box for proper bathroom habits for your kitten. They’re easily available everywhere and don’t cost much too making it pretty feasible for you and your kitty.

1. Litter box

Litter boxes are the most important thing to get for efficient training for your kitty. They’re available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. You may get them customized as well. Moreover, it’s great to have extra litter boxes at home. Place them in the places where you think your cat will feel comfortable and will have full privacy.

2. Litter for kitty

Another important thing you need is the kitty litter. It’s available in different materials ranging in prices and quality. You may also use some environmentally friendly things, including wheat, newspapers, or even pine pellet. So, choose any of the most affordable and suitable things as a litter. However, your kitten may be pretty picky in choosing and comfortably using it.

3. Toys as a treat

The best way to start training is to keep a reward system. All you can do is place some toys as a treat for your kitty. You may also use some food as a reward. This will help you praise and support your kitten. Further, you need to remove this habit as time passes to develop a proper routine without making it expect anything in return.

When to start litter box training?

In the earliest weeks of a kitten’s life, its mother needs to provide proper stimulation to  help it excrete waste and clean it up. Therefore, it doesn’t need any training or litter box itself.

However, when once its ages to three weeks, you may start your litter training sessions. All you need to do is get the supplies and place them at a peaceful place in your home. Take your cat to the litter tray whenever you feel it needs to eliminate its waste. Always remember to treat your cat for efficient results in no time.

How to train a kitten to use a litter box?

Let’s walk through the easiest way you may adapt to train your cat to use a litter box. It’s pretty easy to follow and won’t consume much of your time and energy.

1. Introduce the litter box to your kitten

The first and most initial step is to introduce the litter box to your kitty. Once it starts aging and you feel it’s the most accurate time for them to learn the proper disposing technique, get a proper litter box. Place it in a quiet room. Make sure there’s complete privacy for your cat. Moreover, comfort it in the best way possible and try to introduce it to the littering box.

The best time to do so is after food intake or after waking up from sleep. Place them in the box. Let it dig in it and play around it. It will help it to understand everything in a much better way.

2. Place the litter box in the accurate place

Always remember that the correct place to keep the litter box is very crucial. The most accurate place is the room having full privacy and easy reachability. Also, it’s always appreciated to choose a place where your kitty feels super comfortable and where your cat spends most of its time.

Moreover, the accurate size of the litter box is essential as well. Always choose the one which you feel your cat would fit properly or will be easier to use.

3. Always encourage your cat to use the litter box

Just like humans, encouragement and supports have a positive impact on your pet’s life as well. So, whenever your kitty starts pooping in the litter box, reward it with something special. The best thing to go with is some toys or its favorite food. You may simply praise it too by patting or cuddling it. Choose whatever is most suitable for you and your kitty.

4. Be easy-going with your cat

It’s really important to be patient with your cat. Remember, just like humans, cats also require some time to learn new things. Therefore, never yell or shout at your kitty. Make it feel super comfy and relax if it doesn’t follow your command. Trust us; punishing would make it worse, so never scream at it or make it frightened at any cost.

5. Demonstrate to use the litter box

As mentioned earlier, place your kitty in a litter box or let it play around to acknowledge the presence of the litter box. Next, demonstrate how to paw in it.

The cats are naturally spontaneous and know how to paw in the mud, but sometimes they’re not. Therefore, they need a bit of training and pawing practice. Show it by running your fingers in the litter box and let them start pawing in it too. Slowly and gradually, it adapts it and does it on its own.

6. Use multiple boxes at your home

It’s always better to place multiple litter boxes initially at different places in your home. This will help your kitty to develop the habit of pooping in the litter box more swiftly.

Moreover, whenever you see your cat pawing on the floor, understand that it needs to poop. So, take it to the closest one and make it use it. Practicing this will ultimately help it to learn the process more efficiently.

7. Clean the litter box after every use

Practicing hygiene is the most important step in training your cat to use a litter box as well. All you need to do is clean the litter box after every use. Throw the waste along with 2 to 3 inches of litter and fill it with some new litter. This will help your cat to develop better hygienic and cleanliness practices in no time.

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Littering habits are essential to teaching your kittens when it starts growing. Initially, they need proper stimulation and cleaning from their mother. However, as soon as your kitty turns three weeks old, train it to use a litter box and hygienic practices for better development.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the step-by-step guide to help you train your kitty in the easiest way possible. Also, we have listed the equipment as you need to arrange a proper litter box. Moreover, you may also learn the correct age to start the training in this article.

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