How to Calm an Aggressive Cat?

how to calm an aggressive cat

Cats are the most adorable pet that you may ever have. However, if you own a cat, you might be aware of its mood swings. At times, they become really agitated and irritated that they show sudden aggressive behavior. Suppose your cat shows constant hissing, clawing, or biting. In that case, it indicates that they’re experiencing distress and need comfort to calm themselves up.

Therefore, no need to send them to the shelter homes anymore if you’re worried about tackling their anger. In this article, we shall discuss the signs of the cat being angry and measures to calm them up. They’re pretty easy to follow and don’t require much of your time and energy. So, give these hacks a try before seeking any professional help, and we bet you won’t regret it a bit.

Signs of a cat being angry

It’s pretty essential to know about your cat’s behavior to have a good relation with them. Below are a few signs that may indicate that your cat is angry and needs immediate actions to comfort them up.

  • Hiding or ignoring you
  • Refusing to come out to you
  • Growling
  • Avoiding eating meal
  • Refusing to play with their most favorite toy
  • Biting you, especially when you touch or pet it.
  • Twitched up tail
  • Flattened back ears
  • Clawing at objects
  • Purring or meowing continuously

How to calm down a cat when angry?

The first and important step after figuring out that your cat is facing anger issues is to find out the reason behind it, such that whether they’re in pain, fear, fight with another cat, car sickness, noisy surroundings, unexpected large crowd, or regional aggression.

After figuring it out, follow the below-given measures to calm your cat up in no time.

1. Improve your cat’s surrounding

Just like human beings, cats may also feel uncomfortable, anxious, or frightened by their surroundings. Therefore, the first and most important step is to change the cat’s accommodation and make it more comfortable for it to cheer it up. However, if you have recently changed your house, give some time to your cat to adjust in there.

To do so, change the bed of your cat or make it more relaxing. Make sure that the room is quiet with optimal temperature for them. Moreover, avoid people or stuff in the room that may easily annoy your cat. So, in short, make the room safer and more comfortable for your kitty to relieve all its stress and let it have some me time.

2. Avoid children near your angry cat

Cats are undoubtedly very reliable and calm, and it’s very rare of them to show anger and harm you up. However, when children or babies are at home, your cat might get jealous of them, especially when you show more love towards your babies. In response to it, it may try to harm your babies up by sudden pinch or scratching their nails off.

Therefore, it’s always better to keep your little ones away from your kitty to lessen its anger and protect your babies from an unfortunate bite or scratch.

3. Never yell at your angry cat

It’s human nature that they easily get annoyed and react by screaming or yelling to calm the situation. Yelling at your pet is the worst thing you can ever do. It makes them super-aggressive, and they would show their worst behavior ever. They may even harm you up.

Therefore, it’s always best to comfort them up whenever your kitty has mood swings. Show it some love and make it feel that you’re always there for it for its safety. This strategy will strengthen your bonding with it and improve your connection too.

4. Take quick actions when your cats are in a fight

It’s been observed that when you have multiple cats at home, there are many difficulties in handling their anger and fights. This happens especially when you don’t spay them up.

So, to control such a situation, always have a spray bottle, blanket, and cardboard to prevent your cats from fighting. You may use these objects to block or control them up. So, give it a try, as it’s a pretty useful technique to prevent violence and calm your cats up.

5. Give some to your cat to adjust the situation

If the hacks mentioned above don’t help you calm your cats up, you should definitely give them some time and space to relax. The best way is to leave them alone for some time.

So, grab a towel and carry them to their bed and pet them a bit to comfort them up. The purpose of towels is to avoid them from harming you up by any means.

6. Take a professional help

Last but not least is to take your kitty to the vet as there might be an underlying cause behind such a behavior. Health issues such as physical or emotional may provoke anxiety in them when would make your cat angry.

Therefore, if you can’t call them up by following any technique, book an appointment, take them to the vet and get a proper check-up. Meds may help them improve, but they also need your comforting behavior at the same time.

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Just like humans, anger issues are pretty common in cats as well. They may often harm you up by biting or scratching you up. Therefore, it’s always essential to calm them up and provide a safe environment for them. This will also help in building strong bonding between you and your kitty.

A few of the most important hacks include improving the surroundings, keeping stuff away from them, which may easily annoy them. Also, never yell at them, and give them some time to adjust. However, if none of it helps them to calm, take some professional help.


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