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P.U.R.R West Virginia is a no kill, all volunteer, cat only shelter/rescue that is saving lives and making the world a more humane place; one kitty at a time. We pride ourselves on having well adjusted, socialized kitties that are ready for a place in your heart and home.
Our non-profit organization is run entirely by donations.  We are not state or government funded. 
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Virtual Adoption and Sponsoring

Ready to Love but Unable to Adopt?

web page - picWe get a lot of questions from people interested in helping PURR but they are not in a position to own a cat.  We have a solution.  Get involved through our Cat Sponsorship Program that we call a Virtual Adoption.  The goal of our Program is to raise money by connecting some of our special needs cats with cat lovers like you! In the Cat Sponsorship Program, donors sponsor a cat to help PURR cover the costs of caring for these cats at the Sanctuary, such as veterinary expenses, food, supplies, and other expenses.

Sponsoring is easy to do. Look through all the cats posted under Cats Available for Sponsorship below. Select one or more cats to sponsor by clicking on the “sponsor me” button, or request that a PURR volunteer assign you a cat for sponsorship. You can also write a check with a note indicating your selection and mail it to our address at 306 Beech Street, Grafton WV 26354.

Cat sponsorships can be paid monthly, for a quarter, or for a year and are as follows:

monthly sponsorship $20.00
sponsorship for one quarter $60.00
sponsorship for one year $200.00

Once your sponsorship is processed, PURR will mail you a Certificate of Sponsorship with a picture and short biography of the sponsored cat. And, all sponsorships will be noted on the website for each cat.

Virtual Adoption, by sponsoring a cat,  is an excellent way to connect to the lives of our resident cats and to support our work.

Cats Available for Sponsorship

dartanian1Dartanian is one of PURRcy's sanctuary pals.  His story with P.U.R.R. is a long one, he was relinquished to us by a soldier who was deployed to Iraq and had no family to care for him.  Dartanian was declawed and so we needed to find him a special home where we knew he would be cared for and loved.

He was adopted from PURR but the family went against our contract and instead of bringing him back to us, turned him into a kill shelter a few years later when his human found out he had mouth cancer.  Thankfully, he had a microchip, part of our adoption protocol, and the kill  shelter contacted PURR about him. PURR wasted no time getting him back right away.

Dartanian is living in PURR's sanctuary where he gets hospice care and eventually end-of-life care when his time comes. Dartanian is easily intimidated by other cats due to his declawed status and his cancer, and thus prefers to be an only cat. 

Your sponsorship will support Dartanian's pain medication, his special diet and medical care and allow his comfort throughout his hospice care.  His loving staff, veterinarians and volunteers are positive about his life and his comfort.  He is happy and still loves to play and cuddle! Thank you for being part of his life!

eugeneEugene is an owner relinquishment.  He came to P.U.R.R. because his owners were moving, a common but sad situation.  He was very fast to adjust and we hoped he would rehome quickly, but his health was a concern to us.  We discovered he had problems regulating his blood sugar.  Our veterinary staff developed a diet plan for him, but we have yet to find him a suitable home. 

He is about 4 years old and such a sweet and good natured cat. He loves attention and head rubs and will greet you with a friendly meow when he sees people.  He is quite content in our wonderful rooms, and can remain in the sanctuary as long as he needs.  He needs special foods and medical care. 

Your sponsorship will ensure his medical needs and special diet can continue and his health will remain stable!  Eugene needs your help and will be happy to have your care and love!

goblin1Goblin named for his hauntingly stunning beauty is part of our Senior Sanctuary at P.U.R.R., and a member of Dorothea's cats.  Dorothea Sloane, a very special influence on the founding of the spay neuter clinic, which is located at P.U.R.R., and a mentor to the founder of the shelter, was a leader in TNR in the area.  Her cats came to the sanctuary when she died several years ago.  Goblin was part of her special group. 

He is approximately 14, and a very special cat.  She has brought him in from a colony when he was young, nursed him to health and kept him at a colony near her home.  He has tamed at P.U.R.R. and has become a favorite in the Senior room known as Dorothea's Room.  He is looking for a “forever foster” but also needs a sponsor for his care, a very handsome and loved resident, with a very very special legacy to be proud of! 

Your sponsorship will make Dorothea's wish come true!

houdini1Houdini is a 'she' but the name stuck. She used to excel at 'getting out' of a room, a cage, or a house, and her humans could not figure out how she did that! Houdini came to PURR from a really bad animal welfare case where she was forced to exist in horrid conditions. When PURR found her, she was on perched on top of a door, trying to keep from walking in the filth that was her home! She jumped on her rescuer's shoulder from the top of the door and never looked back!

Houdini has been living at PURR for about 3 years now, checking up on the other kitties and making sure all is well. She has some back trauma and sometimes her hind legs do not work so well, and last summer, PURR noticed that it was getting harder for her to move around. She now lives in a large clean cage that keeps her safe from getting lost, or hurt.  She still gets out into the room to stretch her legs and socialize with the other cats, but it is now supervised to make sure she does not hurt herself.  She gets pain medication when necessary, supplements to keep her healthy, and grooming to keep her looking good. 

Your sponsorship will help Houdini get her expensive pain medications, her special dietary needs and her housing needs including her heating pads which have to be replaced frequently.  She is a dear soul, a favorite to all the volunteers because of the love she shows and the spirit she has even though she came from such horrible conditions and endures pain everyday.  You can be part of her beautiful story!

sebastianSweet loving Sebastian is living in P.U.R.R. West Virginia's large  hospice/sanctuary areas.  He has been diagnosed with Cerebral Hyperplasia, a devastating brain malady that effects many cats and has many causes, most frequently in utero viral infections.  Many shelters do not adopt out special needs animals and needlessly euthanize CH cats. Not so at PURR.

Sebastian came to us in September 2014 from a horrible hoarding situation. He wobbled all the time, falling over constantly whenever he moved and his head shook badly. He would even wobble and shake himself out of his kennel, finding the one right sized hole to get through. But his love and sweetness was so incredible, he has been a joy to the staff and volunteers at P.U.R.R.!

Our volunteers have been spending extra time with him, making sure he has quality regular food and fresh water, clean litter and soft bedding, all things he did not know existed in his previous home. It has been very satisfying watching this little guy progress and seeing his determination in doing things his own way.

Sebastian tries to mimic the other kittens' movements, which helps to further improve his coordination and balance. His walking has visibly improved, and he gets around just fine, high stepping his way to get to where he wants to go. His head still moves all the time, but only slightly trembles now when he tries to focus. He is the most curious and loving and affectionate little kitty, coming right up and meowing, rubbing against legs, and purring his little heart out. Coming from a hoarding situation, Sebastian is still learning about cleanliness and the litter box.

Sebastian requires medication, supplements and he gets special food to help get his digestive tract back to normal from his previous life. Your help and sponsorship makes it possible for him to receive this special care and treatment!  He will continue to thrive and improve because of your kindness!

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