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1st & 2nd Saturdays
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3rd & 4th Saturdays
Pet Supplies Plus
Clarksburg WV

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A selection of PURR kitties are also available at Eastern Pet Supply in Bridgeport WV.

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P.U.R.R West Virginia is a no kill, all volunteer, cat only shelter/rescue that is saving lives and making the world a more humane place; one kitty at a time. We pride ourselves on having well adjusted, socialized kitties that are ready for a place in your heart and home.
Our non-profit organization is run entirely by donations.  We are not state or government funded. 
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Volunteer Spotlight:

Vicki Aucremanne ~ Peggy Karis ~ Steve Wykoff

934696_10151843435192526_176293012_nPeggy Karis

PURR WV is a privately owned all cat rescue. This means that we receive NO funding form the city, county or state of WV. Therefore we are totally dependent on donations and the money raised through our many fund raisers.

At the heart of our fund raising endeavors, one name comes up repeatedly, that of Peggy Karis. Peggy with her energy, enthusiasm and ability to talk to people, is constantly looking for new and different fund raising activities. Whether it is a night of music or a eat for a cause ¯ at a restaurant, Peggy has been instrumental in finding unique, fun and entertaining ways to help the kitties of PURR WV. Peggy has the gift of planning, organizing and getting it done.

Peggy comes from a family of pet lovers and always remembers having a cat in her life. One of her favorite childhood memories is being with her mom, pushing her baby doll stroller except in the stroller was not a doll but rather a cat!!  Peggy got involved in volunteering at PURR because of a shopping trip to Pet Supplies Plus. PURR was there, having an off site event, and she picked up some information. She read over the brochures, and looked over the FB page and web site and decided that she wanted to get involved. She called the number on info and spoke with Lorna, PURR’s executive director and told her that she wanted to volunteer at the adoption day that Saturday. Peggy volunteered at that next off site, and the rest is PURR-fect history - Peggy is going on her fourth year!!!

Peggy has an enthusiastic, joyful personality and this bubbles over into her words about PURR WV. She recalls her first visit to PURR, and found that PURR was like no other shelter she had ever seen - the cats being caged as little as possible, allowing them to roam freely, engage in normal cat behavior and play. She is proud to be involved with a group who is doing so much to help the cats and kittens of WV.

Peggy would love to see more folks get involved with volunteering at PURR. There are many volunteer opportunities at PURR for folks of all ages. Why not join us at one of our upcoming events? Peggy helps coordinate the events and fund raisers in the Clarksburg area. Just look for the lady with the big smile and the kitty cat ears. She will be ready to tell you how you can help make the world more purr-fect, one kitty at a time.

Steve and familySteve Wykoff

PURR WV prides itself on having happy, well-adjusted cats and kittens and this is what Steve Wykoff and his wife, Robin, found a few years ago when they went to visit and adopt a new feline family member. Steve and Robin are animal lovers from way back, and when they started the adoption process, they described their lifestyle and the kitty personality they wanted. They found that the volunteers at PURR knew the cats so well that they were able to direct them to a kitty who ultimately fit in perfectly with their life style.

Steve believes that everyone can do something to make the world a better place and that everyone has a set of talents that can be used in some way to do this. When Steve and his family decided to get involved in volunteering, PURR WV was the natural choice for this cat loving family.

A dynamic, interesting and fun web site is something that every successful organization needs in order to thrive. With Steve’s extensive knowledge in computer technology it was natural that he would get involved in that aspect of our organization. PURR WV is blessed to have Steve Wykoff as our webmaster. Steve keeps our web site up to date with fun and factual information about cat care and the programs of PURR WV! Steve is also one of our PURR WV photographers, does videography for the organization, helps with off site adoptions and does kitty fostering and often brings his family to the shelter for kitty petting time!

PURR WV is glad to have Steve on board. Steve would like to remind you that PURR WV can benefit from your special talents and also of the importance of donating, adopting, fostering, and volunteering!

PURR WV is looking for volunteers to help with our life saving programs. Its easy to get started - just send us an email at
volunteer@purrwv.org and find out how to get involved. Or visit us on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6-8PM at the shelter on Beech St in Grafton. Kitty hugging and petting is a great way to get started with volunteering and meet some of the PURR WV volunteers. Thank you for considering becoming part of the PURR WV volunteer team!"

VickiVicki Aucremanne

Vicki has volunteered with PURR WV for a year now. A cat lover, with several years of experience in traditional sheltering, she came to PURR looking for a change of pace, and new opportunities. She says when she walked in, she knew she never wanted to leave!  You will recognize her by her two signature items usually a hat of some kind (which often has a cat perched on it when at PURR!) and always carrying a camera.

Photography became her passion several years ago, and her favorite subject is animals! She now uses her love of photography to capture images of our PURR babes. She also dabbles in the creative world of PhotoShop and makes creates cute and funny posters for our PURR WV events. She likes to refer to these ideas as “alternate realities€”.¯

Living in Elkins, does not prevent her from volunteering, and gives her the chance to let neighbors know that the PURR is doing life saving work throughout the state. She works to assist the local shelter in Randolph county when there are needs relating to cats. She also does transport between the Upshur county shelter and PURR, when a need arises.

When she is able to be in the Grafton area, she likes to come to the PURR Shelter and assist with kitty care her favorite room is the senior room. She likes to set on the floor with the older kitties while cleaning and enjoys their interactions as they come and go. Usually someone goes home with her though, often pregnant moms or litters of kittens thus the Aucremanne home is usually host to a few fosters.

Vicki often expresses how grateful she is to be involved with a group like PURR WV, where people are working together to do whatever they are able to help the cats and are encouraged to use their talents for that common goal. She enjoys working with a group where there is a like mindedness toward that goal of trying whatever can be done to save the lives of cats in WV and to truly make the world better one little kitty at a time.

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