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A selection of PURR kitties are also available at Eastern Pet Supply in Bridgeport WV.

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P.U.R.R West Virginia is a no kill, all volunteer, cat only shelter/rescue that is saving lives and making the world a more humane place; one kitty at a time. We pride ourselves on having well adjusted, socialized kitties that are ready for a place in your heart and home.
Our non-profit organization is run entirely by donations.  We are not state or government funded. 
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In Memoriam...


~ In Memory of Evelyn "Peggy" Shimer Bowman ~


~ In Memory of Juneau ~

We adopted Juneau in July of 2015. In September, we almost lost our sweet girl due to a congenital heart defect we didn't know she had. She was only 4 months old. She was already in congestive heart failure. We refused to give up on our girl, and with the help of our wonderful vet, we were able to keep Juneau stable for quite some time with the help of several medications & lots of love & TLC. We had the pleasure of loving on her until she was 21 months old. Her sweet heart couldn't keep the fluid off anymore, & we knew the only humane thing to do was to let her see the Rainbow Bridge. This kitty became one of our children. We loved her so. She was sassy, smart, sweet, & just the sweetest little orange monster cat in the world. We miss her so much, but we know that she no longer suffers & is now 100% healthy. Thank you to P.U.R.R. for letting us adopt this angel. We will never forget her. Rest in Peace baby kitty. Juneau (5/29/15-3/4/17).  -Michelle DuVall

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Holly Noel1
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Moses and Jo
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molly 004
Jocelyn Callahan
BigMac close2

~ In Memory of Jimmy Buffett Cat ~

This donation is in memoriam of Jimmy Buffett Cat, who was an ornery but lovable, sweet kitty. He was found as a kitten under a pine tree at East Fairmont Jr High. He lived with his sister Crookshanks and his person Kathy to the age of 15. He is missed every day.

~ In Memory of Olivia Stalnaker ~

This donation is in memoriam of sweet Olivia Stalnaker, adored and missed by her mama Kathy and brother PURRbabe Benson.

~ In Memory of Sam and Bubby Swisher ~

This recurring donation is in memoriam of Sam and Bubby Swisher.

~ In Memory of James P. Larry ~

This donation is in memoriam of Mr. James P. Larry (April 12, 1921-May 4, 2015), on behalf of Mr. Alexander M. Albert and Deborah L. Alberti by family friends Jason Lynch, Michelle Leach, Charlie Smith, and Freddie Perkins

~ In Memory of Rocky ~

RIP Rocky. You had a gentle soul and generous heart for all the kitties.  Rocky grew up on a farm loving all animals big and small; he was a firefighter and medic for 28 years in Charleston WV before he moved to Elkins, and finally settled in Clarksburg, WV. Rocky loved traveling to festivals, eating good food, and taking train rides. When his house in Elkins burnt down, he could not find a place to rent that would also allow him to keep his beloved 7 rescue cats. He was forced to turn them into the Randolph County Humane Society where he met future PURR volunteer, Vicki Aucremanne. Vicki went to great lengths helping Rocky re-home his 7 cats to wonderful loving homes. Rocky was so relieved and grateful for this act of kindness that he vowed to re-pay it by helping the shelter that Vicki was working at. Thus a future PURR volunteer was born.
Rocky's health did not allow him to be around animals at all. This did not stop him however, from volunteering for and supporting his chosen shelter with gusto. Despite being on a very tight budget, Rocky had over the past 2+ years sponsored white cats for neutering (Rocky was partial to white felines!), donated kitten and cat food and bedding, bought lunch for volunteers working to improve the shelter, donated bottles of pop and cookies and vegetables to sell at bake, yard sales and farmer's markets; all this to benefit PURR.
Donors like Rocky allow PURR to keep our dream alive performing the lifesaving tasks that we do every day. PURR cats and kitties are so very thankful for Rocky's steadfast support.

~ In Memory of Livie (George) ~

PURR kitty George was adopted in March 2014. She was renamed Livie. She loved going outside on a harness and lead.

My dad is not a cat person and wasn't thrilled about me bringing a cat, however, they bonded the first evening and he loved her very much, even if he wouldn't admit it. He would call for her to jump in his lap so he could give her belly rubs.

Livie was such a loving and affectionate kitty and will be greatly missed! My mom laid her to rest for me yesterday with two of her toys.

~ In Memory of Skinner ~

Skinner. Most of us never met you. All of us cared deeply about you. We loved your double purr, your cuddles, and your kitty kisses. You suffered horrendous abuse in your too short life but you knew what it was like to be loved when you crossed the rainbow bridge. All the other PURR kitties met you at the bridge to greet you. Run free now; you are not alone and hurting any more and rest in peace, little fellow.

~ In Memory of Skinner ~

This is Skinner. He arrived at PURR and touched our hearts with his spirit and love. PURR veterinarians and volunteers did their very best to mend his wounds, sadly, he did not pull through. PURR will continue to fight for Skinner and other kittens like him as we try to get the authorities to prosecute the person who tortured this sweet kitten. Every Kitty Matters at PURR WV. Your donations make a difference for Skinner and other cats like him, who knew love and peace at their time with PURR.

~ In Memory of Dolly ~

A donation was made with love in memory of Amy Logue’s sweet ragamuffin, Dolly. She was so loved and will be missed terribly.

~Ali and John Wishon Siegwarth

~ In Memory of Holly Noel ~

This donation is in memory of her friend India’s kitty, Kayla, who recently passed away. The three-legged speed queen stole the hearts of all who met her and gave the best kisses! She is deeply missed. She was brought to the Raleigh County shelter malnourished, with frost bitten ears and a nerve damaged leg, weighing in at 3 pounds. Her leg was eventually amputated and India took her home to foster her post-operatively but ended up adopting her. She became sick two weeks ago, not eating and swollen belly, elevated bilirubin and anemic. Kayla crossed the Rainbow Bridge on the morning of February 5. India is just heartbroken and described Kayla as her soul mate.

Thank you, Debbi Miller

~ In Memory of Shadow ~

For Shadow from Vicki, "I miss that old guy - my heart hurts for him!"

~ In Memory of Holly Noel ~

In loving memory of Holly Noel with heavy heart & tears in my eyes after 13 years we must say goodbye. Please understand I did all that I could, If there was anything I could do you know that I would. One last hug, one last kiss, you have no idea how much you are missed. Just for how my dear Holly I say goodbye.

With love, Peggy Karis

~ In Memory of Twinkles Fortney ~

A donation has been made in memory of Twinkles Fortey by Sandy Fortney

~ In Memory of Joe Dohm ~

In memory of my irreplaceable father, Joe Dohm, whose love and compassion for the plight of homeless and misfortunate animals was just one of his many endearing qualities. My Dad once said in tears that he hoped all the homeless cats and dogs went to heaven when they died. He brought plenty of them home over the years. Now it is I who imagine my precious father spending his days with the countless animals who have left this world cold, hungry, and alone, and that together, they have found comfort and peace in the arms of heaven, never to know sickness and loneliness again.

From Dana Dohm

~ In Memory of Betty Roy ~

Betty A. Roy (12/15/1945 - 1/5/2011) - She was a beloved mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She spent her career in special education, serving the children who needed her most. While she would never admit to being a "cat person," there always seemed to be a colony of well-fed, well-loved cats nearby. Persians were her soft spot, though she never met a cat she'd turn away. It is our hope that her memorial donation will help at least one more cat learn the love of a caring family.

The Betty Roy Foundation

~ In Memory of Kelsey and Alecia ~

I brought them home at the age of 5 weeks in May 1993. Kelsey (right) was a loving cat, always wanting to be on someones lap, and she loved to grab and lick our arms and hands. Alecia (left) was a photogenic girl with attitude, who loved to talk to us, sometimes in a whisper. Kelsey left us in July 2006 at the age of 13, and Alecia joined her sister at the Rainbow Bridge in October 2013 at the ripe old age of 20.

From Jack Forester

~ In Memory of Joe Jones ~

A generous donation has been made to PURR in memory of Joe Jones

From the Betty Sue and Tom Phillips

~ In Memory of Jackie Smith ~

A generous donation has been made to PURR in memory of Jackie Smith

From the Anna Jarvis Bereavement Fund

~ In Memory of Moses ~

For our dear friend Joanna and her boys, in memory of Moses, cat extraordinaire.

With love, Em and Jan

~ In Memory of Snickers ~

We recently had to say goodbye to our Snickers after 17 years of love. We donated a Kuranda cat bed and a cat tower in her honor. We hope these beds can give comfort to other cats in need.

Thank you for loving cats as much as we do. It is because of you we have our two fur-babies Baxter and Ruby.

Lisa and Martin McCloy
Baxter and Ruby

~ In Memory of Ashes ~

A monetary donation has been made in memory of "Ashes." She was our friend's precious and beloved cat. We all hope this donation will make a difference in another pet’s life.

Teresa and Rachelle

~ In Memory of Sassy ~

Sassy was 14 years old when she went to the Rainbow Bridge.  She brought us a lot of love and memories.  She was Trish's first kitty.

Theresa and Trish

~ In Memory of Dorothea Sloan ~

The Sandra Swisher Federation of Humane Organizations of West Virginia (FOHOWV) has made a generous donation in memory of Dorothea Sloan.

~ In Memory of Kate Thornberry Hill ~

Dr and Mrs David Goetz and family have made a donation in memory of Kate Thornberry Hill of Galveston, Texas. Kate was an avid cat lover and a gracious lady. She will be missed.

~ In Memory of Missy Cat ~

A donation of a cat waterer has been made in memory of Missy Cat by Jenenessa C Johnson

~ In Memory of Weasley ~

A donation has been made in memory of Weasley for Ed and Paula Rotenberry by Catherine Corcoran.

~ In Memory of Dorthea Sloan ~

Dorothea Jean Sloan, 91, of Fairmont, passed away Friday (Dec. 21, 2012) at her residence.

She was born May 11, 1921, in Marion County. She loved cats and rescued many cats all over the state, and remembered where each of her 30+ cats came from. She advocated for spay neuter programs for over 40 years, programs to save lives, programs that never came to fruition. I promised we would make it happen. We will. 

She used to tell me that there was no one in the world like me. I'd retort: yes there is, I act like you! 
She would also tell me that in her 40+ years of being retired and working with the cats full time she had seen not one bit of progress in helping them until she heard of PURR. She inspired me before I met her. I had heard of her love for cats for years before I met her and started tnr-m at her colony in Fairmont. I hope to live up to her expectations. I will be strong, stronger than she told me to be. We can change things, I always told her so. One kitty at a time. Every week I'd give her a list of adoptions. I'd watch her smile and say - that's a miracle! I'll miss that. I'll miss her.

Lorna Vincent-Venter
Executive Director (Volunteer)
P.U.R.R. West Virginia

Memorial donations may be made in Mrs. Sloan’s memory to PURR West Virginia, 306 Beech St., Grafton, WV 26354.

~ In Memory of Cheddar ~

Cheddar was a pound kitten who brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. We lost him unexpectedly and he is sorely missed. Christmas was his favorite time of year. You could always find him snoozing under the tree. We will always miss and love our wonderful companion. Merry Christmas Cheddie!

Christen, Greg, and Gregory Gutta

~ In Memory of Frances Nestor ~

A donation has been made in memory of Frances Nestor by the Taylor County Association of Retired School Employees.

~ In Memory of Joan Yoho ~

A donation has been made in memory of Joan Yoho, on behalf of Jeff Yoho, by BC Bank, Tiffany, Teresa and Shkeyna.

~ In Memory of Molly ~

They will not go quietly, a cat who has shared your life.  In subtle ways she let me know her spirit still survives.  Old habits still make me think I hear a meow at the door, or step back when I drop a tasty morsel on the floor. I still go around the place the food dish used to be, and sometimes, coming home after work I miss her terribly. Time may bring a new food dish... there is one place in my heart  belongs to her and always will.

Missed by Peggy Karis, Holly Noel & Miss Kitty

~ In Memory of Jocelyn Callahan ~

Jackie Starr has generously donated to P.U.R.R West Virginia in Jocelyn’s memory.

Thank you Jackie!

~ In Memory of Big Mac Harlin ~

Big Mac’s family has generously donated a Kuranda cat bed in his memory.  We will soon post a picture of the cat bed being used by our kitties.

Thank you Carolyn Harlin!

~ In Memory of Hope ~

Hope came to us after having lived a somewhat rough life as a stray. At first she kept her distance but after a few weeks she warmed up to us. She particularly loved coming on to my bed in the early morning hours and squeezing between my husband and I or situating herself between my husband's head and the headboard so she would lay on the pillow and lean on the top of my husband's head. We affectionately called her "Bags" and she knew to come when called. She was a free spirit and loved going out. A careless driver sped up in front of our house and killed her in the late morning of May 5, 2012. We miss her terribly!

Maria and Paul Reidpath

~ In Memory of Scuffy ~


~ In Memory of Smokey ~


Thank you for choosing us to be your home. We don’t know where you came from, but we do know that you were loved and spoiled while you were ours. We find comfort in knowing that you just enjoyed your treats prior to your passing so you were a happy boy. We will miss you daily.

Love you,
Julie and Mark Thalman

~ In Memory of Skyy ~

Skyy was found, loved and cared for during her all too short life by P.U.R.R. Executive Director, Lorna Vincent Venter. Lorna wrote these words to memorialize her passing:

“Come back to me Skyy – when we do this again you’ll find a home. You come back healthier and I’ll be here waiting for you. I held you all day loving you and knowing you – you made me stronger and better because of it. Go play with that string Skyy. It’s all good now.”

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