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P.U.R.R West Virginia is a no kill, all volunteer, cat only shelter/rescue that is saving lives and making the world a more humane place; one kitty at a time. We pride ourselves on having well adjusted, socialized kitties that are ready for a place in your heart and home.
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Caboodle Ranch Press Release - March 23 2012

P.U.R.R. West Virginia Inc. responds to IFAW's call at the Caboodle Ranch seizure.

Many have heard of the recent ASPCA rescue of nearly 700 cats from Caboodle Ranch in Lee, Florida, but what you may not know is that responders from P.eople U.nited for R.escue and R.ehabilitation, P.U.R.R. West Virginia were called into action to help.

P.U.R.R. West Virginia's executive director (unpaid) Lorna Vincent Venter and P.U.R.R. volunteer Shannon Tempel were part of this feline welfare operation from the first day of rescue until day 7. One of their national partners, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), who was called to assist the ASPCA in the case, reached out for feline expertise and P.U.R.R. West Virginia was on top of the contact list! Shannon Walajtys, Manager of Disaster Response for IFAW says, "when IFAW was asked to provide expert feline handlers, behaviorists, and medical teams, I immediately thought of the professionals associated with P.U.R.R. West Virginia and believed their presence to be integral to our success."

"This deployment was our first call to action as an Emergency Response Network partner with IFAW" Vincent said. "Shannon Tempel and I were flown to Jacksonville, then traveled to Lee, Florida where we participated in the initial removal of the cats from the seized sanctuary." Vincent and Tempel worked two days on location at Caboodle Ranch. The cats were in serious need of health care and attention. The following four days of the P.U.R.R. teams involvement were spent in medical triage back in a temporary shelter in Jacksonville. Lorna has been trained in shelter medicine and emergency triage by vets across the US and used her skills to help volunteers and vets evaluate, draw blood, and handle the frightened cats with skill and compassion.

"We see emergency cases daily at P.U.R.R., we receive cats from all of WV and some are in serious condition. I'm grateful that the experience could help the cats in this case, the work is difficult both emotionally and physically. Shannon Tempel was amazing and showed stamina and courage working with the Caboodle cats. She has been training in feline care and has worked with P.U.R.R. for several years." Vincent says it is an honor to be part of the IFAW team, the organization responds to animals in crisis all over the world. They are a lifeline to all animals and need dedicated and qualified responders. "IFAW is a global leader in this compassionate work with animals, I'm grateful they were on board to respond for the cats in this situation, and am excited to respond with them in the future."

P.U.R.R. is dedicated to improving the lives of cats by setting standards and implementing innovations in feline rescue, rehabilitation and sheltering. P.U.R.R.'s mission reaches far beyond the boundaries of our state because the need for reform and improvement is great nationally. "Our motto at P.U.R.R. is 'One kitty at a time' and that is what we said to ourselves and others throughout the traumatic week of seeing one after another seriously ill cat who responded to our love and kindness."

P.U.R.R. West Virginia operates on donations from people who care, so please help with your donations: www.purrwv.org and Facebook P.U.R.R. West Virgina. Adoptions, spay-neuter programs, rescue and sheltering, email help@purrwv.org.

Left: P.U.R.R. West Virginia Team members Lorna Vincent Venter and Shannon Tempel were part of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) ERN (Emergency Response Network) in Jacksonville Florida from February 26 through March 4 2012.  P.U.R.R. is part of this exclusive network of rescue professionals who assist in animal welfare and disaster calls through IFAW.

Above: Right around the 2:41 mark on the official ASPCA video you can see Lorna Vincent Venter, unpaid executive director of P.U.R.R., and responder for IFAW's ERN doing what she loves to do best, helping cats!  See the ASPCA video here.

Above: Shannon Tempel, volunteer for P.U.R.R. WV and ERN responder for P.U.R.R says goodbye to cats she helped in Florida during the Caboodle seizure.  She helped from day one, bringing the cats out of harm's way and then helping them receive the medical care they so desperately needed.  Saying goodbye was the toughest part, but they will be well cared for.

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