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1st & 2nd Saturdays
Morgantown WV

3rd & 4th Saturdays
Pet Supplies Plus
Clarksburg WV

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A selection of PURR kitties are also available at Eastern Pet Supply in Bridgeport WV.

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P.U.R.R West Virginia is a no kill, all volunteer, cat only shelter/rescue that is saving lives and making the world a more humane place; one kitty at a time. We pride ourselves on having well adjusted, socialized kitties that are ready for a place in your heart and home.
Our non-profit organization is run entirely by donations.  We are not state or government funded. 
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About P.U.R.R. West Virginia

Our Mission:
Our mission is to assist the area in rescue and rehabilitation of cats and kittens. We also are enhancing awareness of rescue and rehabilitation issues and needs through education and by example of this grass roots effort. We believe that by stressing the importance of being responsible pet owners and advocates, we can change the reality of felines everywhere.

We are developing a new course of action for rescue and rehabilitation. We are seeking a new approach to the population issues that plague our shelters and rescues, and believe the misuse of euthanasia as a population control is a thing of the past.

We are making the world a more humane place, one kitty at a time.



To rescue is to take an unwanted feline and help it heal in three areas of life: social, emotional and physical; and place them with their forever family. It can take a lot of time and resources, but is well worth the effort.

Resources and educational materials are an essential part of support for the adopters, and enhance the enjoyment of responsible adoption situations. We are available for the adoptive family throughout the cats lifetime, and encourage families to call anytime with questions and updates on their cats.

Although we know we can not take in all the unwanted cats and kittens in our area, we can help others to rescue by relaying the knowledge and resources that we have learned. Helping communities rescue and rehabilitate is another of P.U.R.R. West Virginia’s priorities.

Every cat and kitten rescued makes a difference.  Won’t you please help us help them?



Rehabilitation can sometimes takes a while. Abandoned kittens and cats are frightened, sometimes injured and usually sick and parasite ridden. They are almost always distrustful.

Abandoned cats and kittens have special needs, and P.U.R.R. West Virginia is meeting those needs.

We believe that rehabilitation is the key to successful rescue.

Socializing the cats and kittens with kids, adults, and other animals, is essential to successful rehabilitation. The cats at P.U.R.R. West Virginia are exposed to this socialization and evaluated as they progress.  As some cats may never be completely socialized, we try to find homes for them as well, with this limitation in mind.

Creating a safe, home-like environment is necessary to help learn or re-learn trust and cohabitation. Research by large shelters throughout the United States has given us the knowledge that free-range housing with home-type furnishings and human contact can make the difference between a well adjusted adoptable cat and one that continues to exhibit nervous and traumatized behaviors. We are focused on giving the babes that personal attention.

Health rehabilitation including spaying/neutering, medical treatments for common illnesses and infections, vaccinations, and ongoing parasite prevention and treatment, is an expensive but necessary part of rescue. P.U.R.R. West Virginia strives to provide healthcare to all our rescued cats and kittens.

We need your help and support to continue our mission.  Click here to donate today.

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